00000 Ghoost $how IX


For the 9th iteration, join 00000 GHOOST $HOW on the path to unholy perdition, an endless night of unearthly terror and mystery. Join us as the moon rises the Saturday before All Hallows Eve as we have summoned a concoction of suffering...

Abandon all hope ye who enter.

5:00-7:00pm -
Green Gallery West
(3849 N Palmer St.)

6:00-8:00pm -
Gluon Gallery
(2964 N Holton St.)
Grapefruit Studios
(731 E Center St.)

7:00-10:00pm -
The Open
The Open Kitchen
(830 E Chambers St.)

Kelsey @ Green Gallery West 6:30pm
Kirsten Meier @ The Open 8:30pm

Come on a haunted tour of River West and Williamsburg Heights to see ghoulish works from over 20 dark artists in this traveling exhibition.