ALYSSA KABOSKEY received a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design this spring and was the runner up for the Fourth Annual Grilled Cheese Grant, being awarded a solo exhibition in Milwaukee.

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“My work is grounded in observation and created by means of exploration and questioning. Using acrylic on panel, I play with bright colors, patterns, shapes and subjects pulled from my life and the long history of art before me.”

“Like stickers, I place objects into one space as if they were elements of a scrapbook, holding both snippets of personal memory and outside influence. Cartoon characters and text message notifications live next to renaissance cherubs and fruit, floating in a rainbow- gradient void or placed over a shape with a repeating pattern.”

“Layers, frames, and shadows create an understanding of depth while retaining a flatness that speaks to collages cut and pasted from magazine pictures. Through my perception and understanding, I explore subjects that populate classical imagery and clash with contemporary aesthetic.”