Bodies; Residual Tools and Instruments

August 24 - Spetember 14, 2019

Gluon is pleased to present the group show, Bodies; Residual Tools and Instruments, featuring works by Laura Figa, Sarah Reynolds, and Candice Davis, artists based in San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis, respectively.

Postminimalist works present the human form through indirect means of varying degrees, a kneecap emerges from plaster, an arrangement of cranial cut-outs on a board. The ontology of these pieces is in the artists’ relationship to bodies both as an abstract subject of reference, and a literal acknowledgement of the physicality of one’s identity. The sparse installation of entirely achromatic work resets the focus of the exhibition on the viewer. At once allowing them to relate to the bodily residue present in the gallery and introspect while being surrounded by tools, instruments, and fragments.

Laura Figa’s Rest Index is the shoulder rest of a violin with index tabs referential to an encyclopedia she aptly refers to as “strophes” (the first section of an ancient Greek choral ode or of one division of it). Subtle references of handheld ergonomics continue in Sarah Reynold’s quietly violent Grip, in the form of two iron forms cast from the negative of a clenched fist. Perhaps the most overt work in the exhibition comes from Candice Davis’ recent body of work, Targets, Weapons which recognizes the inherited trauma of families that had been brought to America as slaves. Works shown comprise a board with multiple head holes, a set of spurred bilboes, and a two-sided branding iron bearing the artist’s initials.