Chad Alexander / Jas Mora

September 8-15, 2018

CHAD ALEXANDER is an independent artist currently based in RedLine Milwaukee. Working dominantly with paper collage, Alexander combines characters and symbols to create energetic, animated narratives.

JAS MORA is a Milwaukee based artist currently pursuing a BFA at MIAD. Using materials often associated with being crafty, found, or even random, she aims to connect with her audience by transforming these humble material decisions. You will often find ideas of stereotypes, ambiguity, and opposites laced throughout her work.

Engaging in a distortion of rudimentary found object and imagery, both Mora and Alexander are treasure hunters. Where Mora is more inclined to use materials that are antagonistic to each other, Alexander breaks down pre-existing imagery and treats the reconstruction process as a puzzle. They both Intricately create works with the trajectory of discovering other-worldly landscapes built around material and story telling.