Fish Jello


Gluon is pleased to present the group exhibition, Fish Jello, showing works by Milwaukee based artists Joe Clark and Jackie Valadez and Chicago based artist Bárbara Baron.

BÁRBARA BARON is a Brazilian artist that works with installation, video, and performance. Her works often utilize obsolete media and explore themes such as memory, time, and identity. By using the language of television and appropriating certain mass media culture elements, the artist manipulates images and memories - either collectively or her own - constantly drifting between persuasive discourses characteristic of mass media, and more emotional, intimate discourses, characteristic of VHS shot family home videos. Through these experiments the artist is able to create new territories that can exist within video, and that are expanded narratives in their own right; those which reveal the intent of preserving herself; 'becoming archive' without limits.

JOE CLARK makes work for the therapeutic means that aims to achieve humility. His interests lie in exploring the phenomenon of the perceived self vs. the actual self with a tone that leans towards humor as a means to diffuse the notion that individuality has any authenticity.
"We are all posers in some way, puppets of the deterministic nature of being. I say this not as a pessimistic critique, but rather to relinquish and free myself from the limits of my own identity by being aware of those limits."

JACKIE VALADEZ is a multidisciplinary artist seeking to piece together various forms of narrative fragments. Her projects range in subject, sourcing from various forms of ready-made images, materials, and objects. The topics of fringe subcultures, internet media, and interpersonal communication are housed in emotional spaces represented to the viewer using visual language and written words.