Molly Hassler / Lily Solheim


MOLLY HASSLER is a Milwaukee based artist and recent graduate of UWM(PSOA). She depicts symbols and iconography specific to the tenderness of becoming or being brought to yourself. Hassler's practice is community focused, having run workshops on textile marbling, screen printing, and weaving in addition to being the ongoing artist in residence at Eastcastle Place.

LILY SOLHEIM is a Milwaukee

based artist currently pursuing a BFA at MIAD. Working in printmaking and animation, Solheim combines symbols, objects, words and characters to create whimsical narratives loosely influenced by her immediate surroundings. The sometimes disorderly arrangement of objects, words and symbols gives off a humorous, yet melancholic feeling.

Information and the lack thereof influence semi-narratives through iconographies, text, and materials. Through abstracted narrative engendered by trauma and melancholia, a tender becoming of oneself appears even if droll or nonsequential. Hassler’s and Solheim’s works are sporadic as the memories from which they are propagated and ever growing.