2964 N Holton St. Milwaukee, WI 53212

Gluons are vector exchange particles that mediate strong interactions of quarks (particles with protons, neutrons, and electrons) in quantum chromodynamics [QCD]. Gluons themselves carry the color charge of the strong interaction. Essentially, gluons act as a strong connection between between quarks so they can build atomic particles. Because they have no mass, it is more appropriate to think of a gluon as a subatomic force, like gravity, rather than a particle in space. 

Gluon Gallery aims to platform two-person exhibitions of younf artists in rapid succession. This is done in an effort to give opportunity to a wide array of artists in the beginning stages of their careers and, in doing so, create an easity accessible art space in Milwaukee, WI.

A gluon [gallery] combines quarks [artists] to create the fundamental building blocks of atoms and in turn, everything in our known universe [energetic shows].

Gluon Gallery is run by Joe Acri and Sally Nicholson. Both of whom are artists based in Milwaukee.

Joe Acri was born in Moline, Illinois and currently resides in Milwaukee, WI where he studied fine art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. His work deals with queer identity, social critiques, and building community. In addition to his artwork, Acri has recently formed a curatorial practice focused on conversations between groups in his community such as art students at MIAD and UWM as well as musicians and individuals of the DIY scene in Milwaukee. Through his undergrad at MIAD, Acri has been awarded the Dean's Recognition Scholarship and had the opportunity to show his work at the Pitch Project, Var Gallery, and the Charles-Allis Art Museum among other local art spaces.

Sally Nicholson is a Milwaukee native currently attending the Milwaukee School of Art and Design. She is studying fine arts with a focus in kinetic sculpture, video and performance, all under the New Studio Practice major. Her work often acts as a surrogate for her own body, as she directs them to provide her with a proof of feeling companionship, actuality, and continuance; whether it be palpable or psychological. Nicholson has performed at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, The Outlet, and Lynden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee.

  1. Olivia Rehm / Nicholas Perry
  2. Molly Hassler / Lily Solheim
  3. Natasha Woods / Kelsey Mui
  4. Sara Carter / Anna Menako
  5. Atticus Rabatin / Ariel Valenzuela  
  6. Chad Alexander / Jas Mora
  7. Olivia Burke / Phoenix Brown
  8. 00000 GHOOST $HOW IX 
  9. Lis Torres / M.O. Guzman