Gluon Gallery
2964 N Holton St
Milwaukee, WI

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  1. Olivia Rehm / Nicholas Perry
  2. Molly Hassler / Lily Solheim
  3. Natasha Woods / Kelsey Mui
  4. Sara Carter / Anna Menako
  5. Atticus Rabatin / Ariel Valenzuela
  6. Chad Alexander / Jas Mora
  7. Olivia Burke / Phoenix Brown
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  9. Lis Torres / M.O. Guzman
  10. Sole Soul Twin Limb 
  11. FemFest
  12. Qualeasha Wood
  13. Bodies; Residual Tools and

  14. Alyssa Kaboskey

Gluon Gallery aims to platform two person exhibitions of emerging artists in rapid succession. This is done in an effort to give opportunity to a wide array of artists in the beginning stages of their careers and in doing so, create an art space in Milwaukee that is easily accessible.


Olivia Rehm / Nicholas Perry

June 6-13, 2018

OLIVIA REHM is a Milwaukee based artist and a graduate of MIAD. Using paints, words, clay, and some metals, she explores theories of astrophysics and true love. Romantic and practical. Rehm's work has been exhibited in various institutional and independent galleries in MIlwaukee as well as the Morgan Fine Arts and Film Center in Brooklyn, NY and AICAD Seminar Gallery in New York, NY.

NICHOLAS PERRY is a Milwaukee based artist and a graduate of UWM(PSOA). His paintings challenge historic ideas of representation through tactile, colorful, and sometimes absurd collages of figures and imagery. Perry's work has been exhibited in numerous Wisconsin based galleries, museums, and will be featured in 2018's Midwest edition of New American Paintings.

Manipulation of traditional practices without negating their inherited histories. Slovenly constructed portals aim to traverse practical depictions in favor of a seemingly fantastic and imagined soil. Rehm’s and Perry’s practices move in side-step, creating otherworldly works. Both of which distorting minutia, harvesting a greater meaning of familiarity through diacritical marks, gestures, and imagery.