ATticus Rabatin / Ariel Valenzuela


ATTICUS RABATIN is a Milwaukee based artist and a graduate of the UWM PSOA. Rabatin is motivated by how our understanding of and relationships with different materials affect how we view and interact with our world. The implied agency of his material choices provides a baseline for him to build upon, often evoking uneasiness for the viewer, as he explores memory, personal growth, body politics, and our fundamental systems of support.

ARIEL VALENZUELA is a Milwaukee based artist and designer currently studying at MIAD. Valenzuela's work creates a relationship of line and object through sculpture creating tension and balance. The understated aesthetics of her works lure the viewer in, to experience the poetry of such relationships.

Exploration of relationships with food and play create tension that may be inseparable from one’s understanding of how they move through space. Bold objects, suspended movement, and dissonant reflections of the human form occupy a space that is simultaneously sterile and populated. Relational aesthetics are front and center in this collaborative installation by Rabatin and Valenzuela, which touches on themes of memory and the fundamental poetry of balance.