Gluon Gallery
2964 N Holton St
Milwaukee, WI

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  1. Olivia Rehm / Nicholas Perry
  2. Molly Hassler / Lily Solheim
  3. Natasha Woods / Kelsey Mui
  4. Sara Carter / Anna Menako
  5. Atticus Rabatin / Ariel Valenzuela
  6. Chad Alexander / Jas Mora
  7. Olivia Burke / Phoenix Brown
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  9. Lis Torres / M.O. Guzman
  10. Sole Soul Twin Limb 
  11. FemFest
  12. Qualeasha Wood
  13. Bodies; Residual Tools and

  14. Alyssa Kaboskey

Gluon Gallery aims to platform two person exhibitions of emerging artists in rapid succession. This is done in an effort to give opportunity to a wide array of artists in the beginning stages of their careers and in doing so, create an art space in Milwaukee that is easily accessible.


Sara Carter / Anna Menako

July 27 - August 4, 2018

SARA CARTER is a Milwaukee based artist currently pursuing a BFA at MIAD. Her work in influenced by her identity; the titles and relationships such as race and sexuality carried through the world are often subjects of her inward-looking-outward-projected work.

ANNA MENAKO is a Milwaukee based artist and has studied at UWM and MATC. Technically driven, her work is primarily focused on a relationship to blackness and womanhood. Her practice is in a balance between politically direct, and soft-spoken pieces.

Carter and Menako conteplate identity, often touching on themes of race and femininity. They are generously creating works, wherein Carter takes an inward approacha nd Menako focuses on public art, of their experiences to inspire youth and activate the communities around them. The effects of which being politically moving as well as empathetically nurturing, They recognize difficulties and celebrate the positivity of community, culture, and identity.