Gluon Gallery
2964 N Holton St
Milwaukee, WI

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  1. Olivia Rehm / Nicholas Perry
  2. Molly Hassler / Lily Solheim
  3. Natasha Woods / Kelsey Mui
  4. Sara Carter / Anna Menako
  5. Atticus Rabatin / Ariel Valenzuela
  6. Chad Alexander / Jas Mora
  7. Olivia Burke / Phoenix Brown
  8. 00000 GHOOST $HOW IX
  9. Lis Torres / M.O. Guzman
  10. Sole Soul Twin Limb 
  11. FemFest
  12. Qualeasha Wood
  13. Bodies; Residual Tools and

  14. Alyssa Kaboskey

Gluon Gallery aims to platform two person exhibitions of emerging artists in rapid succession. This is done in an effort to give opportunity to a wide array of artists in the beginning stages of their careers and in doing so, create an art space in Milwaukee that is easily accessible.



November 23, 2018

SOLE SOUL TWIN LIMB is a night of performance art and music, featuring three performers.

MICHAEL MUSK, not the hero Milwaukee needs, but the hero Milwaukee deserves, will share the spoken foam of his deep-fried fantasies.

KELSEY, a two-girl band that corporealizes the creative energies of Kelsey, will be culling forth gestations of musical viscera.

BEN JON MILLER, a monk-pop potatartist, uses absurdity to discombobulate and lubricate the collective pool of reality.

“Our consciousness, our heart, our feelings, and our mind are always creating and shaping our reality. In essence, this process of reality-creation is magic! Really! When you feel it, it's often accompanied by a sense of "WOW". It's amazing, but also much less exotic and more prevalent than it's usually purported to be.But most of us (including myself) seem to get stuck in patterns that leave us feeling trapped in a feedback loop of the same old, same old.
Instead of daily life feeling like an ongoing process of continuous creation, it starts to feel like a rote track that we can't get out of. It leaves us with frustration, disheartenment, or boredom.I like to use art, performance, and absurdity as a tool to playfully disrupt that entropy, to pop open the mind and the heart so that life once again feels like the magical experience that it is.
Live performance and audience participation help make this go beyond the theoretical. It becomes visceral, bodily, and experiential. It's not just an idea "out there". It's something permeating your whole being. Dissolving stagnation. Loosening rigidity. Opening the perceptual pathways. Letting the weights go to let the WOW in.” 

-Ben Jon Miller