Lis Torres /
M.O. Guzman


LIS TORRES is currently pursuing their BFA in New Studio Practice with a minor in Communication Design at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. They appreciate materials being unapologetically themselves, by crossing mediums and collaging materials, they embrace their fluidity as an artist and person. Materiality and color theory is a vital part of their practice. Torres’ work has been exhibited in various independent galleries in Milwaukee, Kenosha Wisconsin and Waukegan Illinois.

M.O. GUZMAN is an artist of many names and mediums, currently pursuing their BFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres at UWM(PSoA). Their work explores in-between and fringe identity, subcultures, movement, and dissociative experiences within and outside of A Body. Obsession with tangibility drives them to create from the moments they hope breed nostalgia. 

Designer Vivian Westwood and Musicians such as Richard Hell and Poly Styrene found that deviance of ideology and identity creates a reconnection arounf uniform of aesthetics. Since negating the notion of binarial gender and sexuality, alternative counterculture looks to unisex aesthetics to find members of an ilk. Sure, punk rock as was defined in the 70’s is long dead, but the fracturing of anti-systematic culture is something that will live indefinitely. Torres and Guzman mine the collective identity of subculture in color, material, and subject matter. Their work relates to itself and the community through a surveying of ideologies and values that are found in dant basements and bar smoker dens. In doing so, they recognize the queerness, mental health, and social interaction that exists in our divergence.